About BennettKnows


From the East Coast to the West Coast, Bennett “BennettKnows” Koffa’s love for music, media and culture has driven him on a journey towards success. Starting in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, Bennett developed BennettKnows;  a multi-media platform digital blog and radio show that focuses on creatives, music, and culture. With an energetic, passionate and witty perspective, Bennett provides a platform for local creatives to share their work, becoming a pivotal factor in the development of creative arts and culture in Rhode Island. Since then, Bennett has taken his brand across the country where he continues to learn and grow in entertainment and media industries with iHeartMedia Seattle on Hits 106.1 and The Jubal Show.

All it takes is a DREAM + DETERMINATION + HARDWORK + PRAYER. One day you’ll turn on your radio or television and see Bennett doing what he loves! It all starts here: BennettKnows.com

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