Hennessy Is Coming For The Crown After Dropping Single “All For Nothing”

"2023 I’m gonna be the face of New England. Mark my words."

Some people have it and others don’t: greatness. It’s a quality that can take an imaginative idea from a mere thought to a reality in the blink of an eye, and like a storm. Watching the rise of R&B singer and songwriter Hennessy over the last couple of years has been reminiscent of that storm, one that plays out in the American Hollywood film A Star is Born, but from my hometown of South Providence, Rhode Island. That’s the reason I initially wanted her to join #BennettKnowsRadio when I met Hennessy back in 2016, but she had another call for greatness!

Hennessy made her debut in 2020 with infectious singles like “1-800-Slide,” “Double Back” featuring Dee Gomes and “I Get Lonely,” all of which solidified the singer as an upcoming artist in Rhode Island. With influences rooted in everyone from Brandy, Lauryn Hill and Lucky Daye and interests in a wide range of music and culture, Hennessy effortlessly makes a connection with infectious soprano vocals and honest songwriting where her music has become therapy for those that indulge. With enough buzz and a sprinkle of stardust, Hennessy continued to make that connection and expanded her audience in 2021 with the release of singles “Not A Love Song,” “Outside Wit It”  with APF’s Rasandra and a returned appearance on Dee Gomes’ Undrafted with “Go Crazy,” all while opening up for artists like Tai Verdes, Polo G and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. In November, the R&B singer headlined her first show when A Boogie couldn’t make it to his show at the University of Maine due to complications in travel. Where many rookies would shutter at the knees, Hennessy took the stage head-on relieving those frustrated concert goers and winning over five thousand new fans in a moment that certainly projected the heights that Hennessy could reach.

On April 30th, Hennessy opened up for Jack Harlow where she heated up the stage and worked-up a sold out arena for the “First Class” rapper. “I’ve never been to a concert where the whole arena was filled with seats and sold out since Justin Bieber. I’m so honored to have opened up for him,” she tweeted following the show. The energy and connection the R&B songstress has with her fans is evident in her Poursome tour blog, where Henny can be seen preparing for her shows and joining fans in a meet and greet afterwards. “You know I make music about love and you know as time passes, their true colors show,” she explains. Another honest experience felt on her latest single “All For Nothing” which has garnered more than 100,000 hits in less than a month! It’s the recognition that her fans and followers have in her music that makes her great. At this point there’s no telling where Hennessy will stop. Although a follow-up single to “All For Nothing” is on ready, Henny’s waiting for the perfect time to drop. “In 2023 I will be the face of New England,” she said following last week’s show. “Mark my words.” Although we don’t know when the new single will drop, and we can only hope for that debut album, we most certainly know that Hennessy is just getting started and that’s why she’s an artist you should watch in 2022! It’s time to get familiar! Click here to check out Hennessy’s Instagram and listen to “All For Nothing” below!


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