This Famous Singer Was Originally Casted As Hannah Montana!

From 2004’s Leave (Get Out)” to 2006’s “Little Too Late,” I’ve been listening to a lot of Jojo! Jojo was the autonomy of pop royalty when she released her debut album JoJo in the early 2000s. Following her debut album, came another platinum album with The High Road and roles in big screen films like Aquamarine and Road Trip that made her a certified household name. However, years after her debut the R&B singer almost disappeared from the music industry due to a botched contract that stopped her from releasing music. The However the singer has resurrected stronger and just as talented as before with a handful of amazing projects including her 2016 comeback Mad Love, 2020’s Good to Know and last years Trying Not To Think About It. Click here to read more about JoJo’s interesting career!

How long should sex last? Who was the original Hannah Montana? What words were recently added to the Webster Dictionary? How much water does your body lose on an average flight? It’s time for BennettKnows’ If You Don’t Know, Now You Know!


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