Maryann Vasquez Continues To Elevate With New Single “The Distance”

Find out how this Alt-R&B meets Tele-Novela artist is evolving in 2022!

Like I said before, I’m from the creative capital of the country: Providence, Rhode Island. Known as one of the smallest states with some of the biggest talents, Rhody’s impact can be felt across the country. One of the places where the culture could be felt is the biggest hub of entertainment: Los Angeles, California. From production to song-writing and photography and fashion, Rhode Island creatives can be felt in almost every aspect of Hollywood. That brings us to today’s artist and spotlight: the remarkable and beautiful Maryann Vasquez!

In 2014 I was introduced to Maryann Vasquez through Ryan Seacrest’s cover contest where the Providence singer made it to the finals with her high-energy performance of Ellie Goulding’s “Burn”. Around the same time we fell in love with her debut mixtape DUE which further showcased smooth and sultry vocals along with songwriting skills that perfectly highlighted the sweet and relatable vulnerabilities of a relationship. Although DUE garnered the attention of major record labels, Maryann took another route; staying true to herself and choosing her integrity as an artist, rather than an artificial image developed by the labels. After taking a hiatus from the industry to focus on her mental health, she quickly realized music was the therapy that she needed to heal from it all! Since then Maryann has really honed in on her craft, reemerging with singles like “Boomerang,” “Miscues,”  “Bad Guy,” and “Bad At Love” which all showcase her authentic image and unique sound to which she describes as “Alt-R&B meets Tele-Novela.”

In 2022, Maryann Vaquez will continue to elevate with beautiful music that we all can enjoy and relate to! Last week she kicked off the new year with the brand new single “The Distance”. On the sultry-single, Maryann reminisces on the highs of a relationship while facing the discouraging lows. “I know I’m always running from you / But I was only running from the pain / I want to travel through the distance we pretend it’s not between us / Running to the days when we were all we really needed,” she croons over the rich Bregma power-production. One thing that I love about Maryann is that she successfully encapsulates the roller coaster of emotions we all face in relationships with those angelic vocals and vulnerable lyrics. It’s the perfect oxymoron: the hard and often disheartening truths and battles we encounter in all of our relationships, perfectly wrapped in a soft and sultry, pretty package … and we can’t get enough! In a way, Maryann’s therapy has become one of our own and that’s the genuine connection we pleasantly find in Maryann Vasquez! Definitely looking forward to all of the wonderful music and visuals that this artist releases in 2022! And when we say visuals, Maryann is a lucky libra so get ready to be stunned! Who knows!? Maybe we’ll even get a full length project … but we’re still super excited about “The Distance”! Get familiar with Maryann Vasquez on Instagram and Spotify because she’s an artist you should watch in 2022!


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