BennettKnows Interviews Nesi Talks ‘Finessi’, The Future of Code Green, Going Viral On Tik Tok With Pregnancy Prank! + More!

Nesi hopped on a Zoom interview to chop it up with BennettKnows about his brand new album ‘Finessi’. Before going track for track, Nesi talks about his inspirations and the journey that led him from his solo debut on ‘Nestalgic’ to this moment. After discussing the 7-track album, Nesi talked about future promotions and the importance of marketing beyond creating content. Most recently, Nesi has gone viral on Tik Tok with a pregnancy scare prank and has turned that into an opportunity to share his music. Of course, I had to press Nesi before he left on the status of Code Green who dropped their debut in 2016! Overall great interview for a great project! Make sure you stream Nesi’s ‘Finessi’ now!

BennettKnows Interviews Nesi

Nesi – “TIC TAC TOE”


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