BennettKnows Interviews Flawless Talks Meeting Beyonce, New Album & Six-Figure Deal With LIVIT!

Flawless Real Talk hopped on a Zoom interview to chop it up with BennettKnows about his upcoming collaboration with LIVIT. After discussing meeting Nelly and Beyonce as a kid on his step-father tour bus, his inspirations in hip-hop and moving to Atlanta to pursue music, Flawless gives us an insight to his journey and how doors that closed, led to new opportunities. After discussing his time on BET’s Hip Hop Cyphers and Netflix’s Rhythm and Flow, Flawless gives us an insight to his future projects. Of course a new album and world tour is on the horizon, but until then, Flawless will be hitting the LIVIT platform 3-days a week to connect with fans in real-time and space! Once again, another interview in perfect timing! I have to say, this is my best interview yet! Check out Flawless in this BennettKnows exclusive interview below!

BennettKnows Interviews Flawless Real Talk

Flawless Real Talk Sits In The Hot Seat


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