ICYMI: Nesi Releases 2-Pack “Expensive” ft. Jeleel! & “Accent”

In case you missed it: Code Green frontman and creative Nesi just released a double pack consisting of two brand new singles. On the first track titled “Expensive,” Nesi teams up with crooner Jeleel! to keep the momentum going from last single “Gin & Tonic” with another smooth, island-inspired production. “Summer won’t forget / member nights I spent with you my darling / Imma take this risk / anything gotta do for me and my shawty,” he spits before Jeleel! handles the chorus. “Expensive, expensive, she pay her own expenses / she works that 9 to 5 but she still wants my attention,” he croons. On the second track titled “Accent,” Nesi breaks it down and keeps it real over a smooth power-production. “Tell me when it happens / baby momma looking so aggressive, I don’t know why she on me like this / phone for walky real quick ? imma dog and she walk my d-ck /” he croons. “Make me want to drown up in a beverage / I don’t know why she on me like this,” he continues. Both tracks follow the 2019 EP Nestalgic showcasing versatility and growth from this Home Grown artist. Nesi continues to craft his passions in music while creating a sound of his own. While there’s no news of a new project from the group Code Green, Nesi hopes release the follow-up FINESSI to his solo debut Nestalgic soon. Until then, check out Nesi’s “Expensive” featuring Jeleel! and “Accent” below!

Nesi – “Expensive” ft. Jeleel!

Nesi – “Accent”

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