ICYMI: Holly Michelle Finally Releases “Oochie Wally” Visuals [Watch]

ICYMI: Seattle singer, rapper and songwriter finally released the highly anticipated visuals to her latest single “Oochie Wally”. Throughout the summer, Holly has been feeding the hype with her bouncy lead-single “Glitter”. However, she takes things to the next level with the next single. “So what you finna do, I can’t call it / I finna get it baby, however I want it / got the n-gga on my line, he steady calling / he know I’m shaking all this ass: oochie wally,” she spits on the chorus. In the video to the Skipp production, Holly hits the streets to deliver a hard-hitting vibe complete with some twerking and a beautiful pit! I really like the energy coming from this home grown artist. Earlier this year, #BennettKnowsRadio had the chance to connet with thie explosive artist who has a lot of talent and creative content to back it up. It’s time to get familiar! Check out Holly Michelle in “Oochie Wally’ below!


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