Big Sean Returns With New Single “Deep Reverence” ft. Nipsey Hussle

Over the weekend, Big Sean returned to the scene with his highly anticipated collaboration with the late and great Nipsey Hussle. On the track titled “Deep Reverence,” Nipsey and Sean reflect on the about pressures of life -the pressures of the streets, the rap game and personal like. “Fuck rap, I’m a street legend, block love me with a deep reverence / I was birthed in a C-section / Hella cops and police presence, we got opps so we keep weapons / We on y’all block while y’all eat breakfast,” Nipsey spits on the first verse. Recently, Sean expressed the importance of releasing this track, despite thoughts from the label, in order to “And how the fuck it’s people that never met me that hate me? / I wonder if they understand that I meditate daily / And feel like my life purpose is to give inspiration / Despite the hit songs that there’s just no escapin,” Sean continues over the Hit Boy power production. “That I take care of my family and beat the odds that were deadly / You hate that, that just reflects your lack of succession, bless ’em / If it ain’t Nipsey blue, it’s Detroit blue / This that Detroit 2, I’m bringin’ it back to the hood like D-Boys do,” he remarks. The single comes along with the announcement of his upcoming fifth album Detroit 2.

Big Sean – ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ [Album Review]

Detroit 2 follows Big Sean’s last solo album I Decided …. and the collaborative effort with Metro Boomin on Double or Nothing and serves as the second installment to the 2012 mixtape Detroit. Over the years, Big Sean has earned a spot in my Top 5 favorite rappers despite missing the mark on his last two projects. Although Sean has delivered consecutive flames alongside some of hip-hops biggest names, he’s still fallen short of the same praise that rappers like J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar receive. Hip Hop Madness, called Big Sean “the most non-essential, essential rappers of our time,” for his “lack of substance which seems to work against him, versus for him”. However “Deep Reverence” finds Sean Don rapping about anxiety and self reflection through the rich and lavish lifestyle he likes to flaunt. Detroit 2 comes as an opportunity to claim his ground amongst the greats while continuing his legacy with a more developed and vulnerable project. My expectation is a project that’s well pieced together like 2016’s Dark Sky Paradise but with the content and skill level of the latest single ” Deep Reverence”.  Detroit 2 is due for release September 4th! Until then, check out Big Sean’s “Deep Reverence” featuring Nipsey Hussle below!


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