New MV: AllThatVal Drops Visuals For “Take Me To My Room”

All That Val stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to discuss her brand new single “Take Me To My Room”. The track, finds a sensual and braggadocios Val inviting a lover to the bedroom. “Take me to my room / I’ve been waiting for you so I could get you all alone / I’m ready to give it to you anyway you want / when I give it to you, you ain’t ever going home,” she spits over a sultry production. “Say you love me, yeah / we touching, we f-cking / go crazy aah / Take me to my room, I’ve been waiting for you so I could get you alone,” she continues. In the video, Val takes us to her room in between scenes that find her taking a milk bath and dominating with chains and whips! The video is sexy, classy and stunning! The sexy track follows releases like “Some Money” and “No Hook,” all in part of a new era of hard work and success for the Providence, Rhode Island native. “My last singles were about getting money, just empowering people to get in their bag and now [Take Me To My Room] is another side of me showing my sexy side! Thats why my artist name is ‘All That Val’ cause I have so many sides and I want everyone to see every part,” she explained in an interview on #BennettKnowsRadio.

All That Val Talks “Bad,” New Music, and PVD

Val is very active on social media using it as a tool to connect with fans, promote her brand and inspire other in return. “I feel like God is using me and giving me the platform [to connect] and influence on people. That’s the biggest thing and I need to protect that energy because people can be their best selves through me,” she explained on her use of social media. However, it hasn’t always been the glitz and glamour or the colorful turn-up that Val flaunts through Instagram. Back in 2016, she met controversy that surrounded her debut “BAD” and most recently caught backlash for a controversial viral video on Twitter. “People like to have an opinion. I just play around with them and entertain it. People really like to see the drama so I just use it to my advantage,” she continued. Since the video, Valerie has apologized for the video with plans on moving forward with “love and light”. With “Take Me To My Room” heating things up across the web and AllThatCo clothing bubbling as well, Val will continue to work and develop her musical artistry! You already know! Check out AllThatVal in “Take Me To My Room” and sound off in the comment box below!


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