Israel WUSU Embodies A King With Debut Album [Album Review]

From on kingdom to the next!

During a time when music is the muse of connectivity through the boundaries of 2020, Israel WUSU strikes releasing his highly anticipated album KING. In 2020 there’s a need for a connection, which may drive the genuine connection between artist, their music and the listeners. In 2018, the Providence creative flexed his creativity on the mixtape Before It Starts which carried out enough momentum, alongside a handful of singles, to establish a base for this artist to develop. Teaming up with Providence producer Marlin On The Keys on create a genuine project embodying a king, the duo delivers a well-developed 9-track project bound to make an impact with genuine connections and optimism towards the future.

New Music: Israel WUSU – KING

KING opens up with a complex, power-production titled “Past Tense,” a vulnerable track that finds Israel setting the pace of the album while reflecting on lessons and truths of a King. Teaming up with E on “So Supreme”, Israel keeps that kingly energy with a couple verses and smooth vocals over another highly-developed production. After revisiting the lead single and title track “King,” which defines what it means, sounds and feels like to be a king. Before flexing his pen over another upbeat and contagious production with “Childs Play” featuring his personal favorite artist Monk B, WUSU delivers a melodic number that finds him reflecting on past relationships over a powerful, drum-driven production titled “Let Me Live”. Israel does it for the ladies on a smooth number titled “Roses,” before turning up on a bouncy production, dedicated to the “Queen”. One of my favorite moments on the album include a collaboration with Cam Bells on “Address Me”. Over a smooth production, Israel reminds us of the importance of self respect before demanding respect. “I’m the n-gga / I’m the man / I’m the honcho,” he chants before the Prince of PVD lays down a smooth verse. “Watch you address me / Ballin since Rec league / young thugger word to Jeffery,” he croons. The project appropriately closes with a heartfelt track titled “Letter to My Grandma”. On the track, Israel thanks his Grandma for everything she’s done before dedicating his passions to keep the momentum going. “[This track] is my favorite song of all time. It’s for my grandmother. People will learn how serious I take my music,” he explained in an interview with #BennettKnowsRadio. The closing track is empowering and comes full circle with Israel looking at the inspirations, lessons and ambitions laid out through the entire project.

ICYMI: Cam Bells – Dear Summer Freestyle

KING is a complex project that embodies excellence from the content and sound to the collaborations and production. Throughout the project Israel WUSU explores themes relating to self respect, respect for those surrounding us and even further,  in every part of the lifestyle we pursue. In 2020, optimism is a hard thing to grasp but Israel reminds us that if we can do so, that’s a success in itself. From making music to personal experience of his own, Israel sheds all in efforts of making that connection. Sonically, Israel continues to showcase his range with sounds inspired by everything from upbeat dancehall to smooth R&B and hard-hitting hip-hop. Production from Marlin On The Keys is rich with instrumentals and crisp mixing, showcasing Marlin’s expertise on the keys, or in his craft. “I made the decision to master and mix the whole project. This time I trusted myself! Everything is me and I’m happy I mastered it all this time around,” he explained. Overall, KING is the inspirational, feel good project that we need in 2020. From one kingdom to the next, we are able to celebrate how far that we’ve come while learning lessons from the scope of Israel WUSU and his kingdom! From one king to the next, stream Israel WUSU’s KING below!



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