Drake Releases New Single “Laugh Now Cry Later” ft. Lil Durk + Announces New Album

The 6 God is back!

Last night Drake returned to the scene with a brand new single titled “Laugh Now Cry Now”. The track comes a few weeks after two collaborations with DJ Khaled on “Greece” and “Popstar” and the last EP Dark Lane Demo Tapes. On the new track, featuring Lil Durk, Drake continues to flex his lavish lifestyle while anticipating the lows that the lifestyle brings. “Tired of beefin’ you bums, you can’t even pay me enough to react / Been wakin’ up in the crib and sometimes I don’t even know where I’m at / Please don’t play that n-gga songs in this party, I can’t even listen to that / Anytime that I ran into somebody, it must be a victory lap / Shawty come sit on my lap, they sayin’ Drizzy just snapped,” he warns. Fans have been speculating the 6 God took shots at Pusha T and/or Kane West. “Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry, but I guess you know now, baby / I took a half and she took the whole thing, slow down, baby / We took a trip, now we on your block and it’s like a ghost town, baby / Where do these niggas be at when they say they doin’ all this and all that,” he continues on the chorus. ” I’m like DaBaby, I’m not just a rapper, you play with me, you gon’ get stretched / Bring Drake to the hood, surround Drake around Dracs / Even though I got a case, I’ma do what it take,” Durk spits adding a verse of his own. In the video, Drake and Lil Durk play a handful of sports they’re not good at which is fine, since the video includes cameos from athletes Odell Beckham Jr., Kevin Durant, and Marshawn Lynch. Fans are really excited because the single comes with the announcement of his sixth album titled CERTIFIED LOVER BOY. “Album’s on the way, ’bout to slap head tops off,” he said. We’re definitely looking forward to new music from Drake! I’m hoping that the album actually slaps in comparison to his last album Scorpion which really doesn’t do it for me. Especially during a time when Fat Joe is calling the 6 God the “Michael Jackson of our time”. What do you think of the new single? Sound off in the comments below!

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