New MV: Real Red Comes Through With Visuals For “Woke Up” ft. Rizzo

Real Red comes through with brand new visuals to his debut track “Woke Up”. On the hard hitting track, the Rhode Island native delivers some hard-hitting lyrics over a smooth production. “Woke Up” serves as an introduction as Red makes his entrance with a notable sound with hard lyricism. “Good fellas be the mobbing I’m the CEO / even when the it’s cold, just know the heat is close / I freeze mothafu-ckas on they tipping toes / I ain’t playing, spin ’em round, sit them down see what I’m saying,” he spits. “Blueprint, mapped out / Nike Airs maxed out / Educate them, at the same time I’m gonna educate them,” he continues fusing the sounds of both East Coast and West coast hip-hop. Red plugs in West Coast OG Rizzo to deliver a verse of his own. “Woke up, yeah I’m talking ’bout my third eye / No time to be another n-gga fall guy / I fall down, get right back up / All up in my face, back up,” Rizzo declares. In the Michael Fedele directed video, Red hits the streets with Rizzo to deliver some vibes favorable of the track. During a recent interview on #BennettKnowsRadio, Red explained what led him to making music and his inspirations in doing so. “Even though I didn’t want to rap, I was so engulfed in the music and ended up being a student of the game,” he exclaimed. The Rhode Island native moved from Pawtucket to Los Angeles where he worked with groups like Code Green and Lily Rayne amongst others. “The genre I grew up listening to, that East Coast hip-hop -Jadakiss, Styles P, the Lox. That’s my style. It’s about being a lyricist and delivering bars. The music video to “Woke Up,” is only the beginning with anticipation of visuals to recent tracks “Shy Now” featuring Lil Rayne and “Just A Friend”. Red says he currently got records with an EP ready for release. “We’re just waiting for the right time for everything,” he explained! It’s time to get familiar! Check out Red and Rizzo in “Woke Up” video below!


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