ICYMI: Cam Bells – “Dear Summer Freestyle”

Love me or leave me alone!

In a time when good music is very much needed, Cam Bells comes through with a letter to Summer 2020 that bridges the gap between the losses of these tremulous time with hope and optimism towards the future. “Dear Summer, I know you goin’ miss me/ Down 30 pounds but I’m going for 60/ The times I be feelin’ like the worlds against me/ Still can’t believe we loss Pop, Kobe and Nipsey,” Cam spits over a smooth CitoOnTheBeat production. “Hollywood lifestyle getting  risky/ I rather be in the PVD ballin’ like its Disney,” he continues showing love for Providence. Cam continues to bring life to what may seem like dull times as pictured on the tracks cover art. “Don’t run from it, gotta deal with it/ No Day Trill this summer but we gone still get it,” he exclaims. The track is full optimism and reminders to take the steps that are needed to enjoy the things that we already have. From “Drew Balances on my feet looking crispy,” to “shout outs my youngins in the city that are making moves,” Cam puts on for the city serving as that. During an interview on #BennettKnowsRadio alongside Hennessy, “I feel like I’ve always been that guy! When I was 21, I was mentoring people that were 19 but now that I’m 30, I can speak to [younger artists] and really have in depth conversations, Cam explained. “I think that’s one of the most important things that I’ve seen through the development of the Providence is those conversations,” he continued. I must admit, I’ve playing this song on repeat not only to get the lyrics, but because its the feel good track we all need right now! Check out Cam Bells “Dear Summer Freestyle” below!

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