New Music: Israel Wusu – “King”

In addition to HENNESSY’s “Double Back”,comes another sound out of Providence, Rhode Island. This time around, we take a look at another newcomer named Isreal WUSU. In the matter of a year, the Providence rapper made an impact with a creative and artistic versatility that fosters a sound of his own. Throughout 2019, Israel released a series of hard hitting singles and an EP amongst a handful of collaborations. With the release of the new single “KING,” Wusu celebrates his kingdom and throne with a smooth yet powerful production. “Bitch, I’m lit / I might drink another one again / Call your friends / we can’t be the only ones this lit,” he croons. “Reason why they treat me like a king, cause I am / bow down,” he continues. With a consistent amount of singles and EP’s, I’m sure everyone awaits what’s next. We’re gonna keep an eye out for this creative. Turn up your speakers and listen to Israel WUSU’s “King” below!

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