New Music: Jon Hope Kicks Off 2020 With “Black Rose”

"I would buy me a town, You could keep the change too!"

After laying down the foundation with “Realer” and Zayn Butler in 2019, Jon Hope is ready to step into a new era with a new feel titled “Black Rose”. “Black Rose” is a hard-hitting track featuring vocals from Mary Gipson that finds Hope reflecting on the golden truths of living and shining through the struggle. “Streets won’t grow as long / as we doubt it / We on go as long as we got it / Streets won’t grow  / as long as we doubt it  / We on go as long as we got it,” Hope and featured artist Mary Gipson chant before Hope snaps over the Dan Cordero & Wattz Beatz production. “Black rose I’m a black rose in the pavement don’t water me / Speak truth can be costly /  Got drive no car keys This is no /  innuendo! why see the world through tinted windows / I’m never low key but high key What I say in vein is IV,” he spits. “Shut up! Man in the mirror looked me in the eye said I am enough / Shut up! I don’t want your truth, your culture, man I am enough / Shut up! Red blood, white lies, Oh my ghetto sings blues,” he continues. The triumphant track comes full circle with Hope referring it to “the one”. Definitely looking forward to how this one impacts the culture!

Jon Hope Talks Single “Realer,” Zayne Butler, Maintaining Success & More!

While the single kicks off a new era, Hope promises he’s, “just getting the engine started”. Kicking things off with his creative company Zayne Butler, Jon Hope promises to continue delivering quality music that represents him. “Success is defined by the individual so my metric [isn’t] necessarily what everyone else’s is. I already won. My metrics are happiness and growth”. With each and every release, Hope proves successful through quality work that continues to evolve and push his artistry to new levels. “It’s all about those digestible goals,” he explained reflecting on being a speaker at the Hip Hop University event. “You have to define what your milestones are. I started a campaign called Ifinity: we raised money, we had a goal and we did that. I put out my new single  … ultimately it will get to that Grammy and touring”. “Black Rose” is off of the forthcoming album Hope All Is Well due later this year! Check out “Black Rose” below!


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