New Music: Drake & Future – “Life Is Good (Remix)” ft. Da Baby & Lil Baby

Working on the weekends as usual!

Over the weekend, Drake & Future put in work (as usual) with the remix to their current hit “Life Is Good”. This time around, the duo plug in both Da Baby and Lil Baby to enhance the turn up. Future kicks the remix with a brand new verse, “Say she want to eat sushi, I gave her enough to go shoppin’ / Anything she want, she cashin’ out without no problems / How you gon’ love a nigga that ain’t got love for your mama / You can die today, it ain’t gon’ save me nothin’ but drama,” he spits. Feeding on the momentum from Future Hendrix, Da Baby and Lil Baby follow up with a flex of their own. “I got fools tryna sue up in Boston / I got dudes tryna sue down in Florida / I got hoes in L.A., got a new boo from Georgia / A milli’, saved up to give to my daughter,” Da Baby spits. “Made a few mil’, made a few hits, fuckin’ everybody bitch / Got somethin’ to lose so I stay with a shooter / Got game from a G.O.A.T., I know how to maneuver / She kinda cute, really somethin’ to do,” Baby continues.

Drake And Future’s ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ Is A Hit With Major Misses! [Album Review]

The original track currently sits at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 going Platinum as of last week. In addition to the single, we’ve also received the leaked Future and Drake collaboration “Desires”. Both tracks are rumored to be part of an forthcoming What A Time To Be Alive follow-up. When I reflect on the impact that What A Time To Be Alive made back in 2015, the follow-up album is shaping out be a great follow-up with “Life Is Good” and “Desires”. However, if we actually receive the rumored follow-up project from the duo, I hope the exceed expectations with a project that actually fuses each artist unique sound as Jay Z and Kanye West actually did with Watch The Throne. On the other hand, the reason the single is doing so well is because both Drake and Future are able to claim their individual sound catering to all fans! Definitely looking forward to how these to shape the sound and landscape of music in 2020! Until then, enjoy Da Baby and Lil Baby on the “Life Is Good (remix)” below!

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