Nesi Introduces New Wave With Solo Project ‘Nestalgic’

Following the release of the uplifting single “Gin & Tonic” comes the first full project from Rhode Island artist Nesi with Nestalgic. The project, complete with 6-tracks, comes after a 2-year hiatus from rap trio Code Green. “Crazy proud of dis … 2 all my day 1s …. These past few years been hella crazy but makin’ this project been my therapy and helped me find a way back to my happy place. To anyone dats been following me and always supported/pushed me … from the bottom of my heart … thank you … our story is just beginning,” he stated upon the projects release. Nestalgic opens with the uplifting Express production and lead single “Gin & Tonic,” which appropriately sets the pace for the project. The vibes continue on a track titled “Tattoos,” which finds Nesi playfully comparing a love interest too a “tattoo on the body,” over another triumphant production. Before vibing over a smooth Lucid Luc production titled “Splurgin,” Nesi taps in RCG Melo to remind us of the flex. Continuing to deliver the vibes, Nesi teams up with Rhode Island rapper Dee Gomes on a standout track titled “Bad Timing”. Nesi closes Nestalgic with a Nino Francis production titled “Night Cap”.

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Nestalgic is the perfect departure from the familiar trap sounds that Nesi was known for on previous Code Green projects. The sounds executive produced by Express still contain heavy trap elements while introducing uplifting sounds that are representative of Nesi’s experiences. In addition to the sounds, the overall energy of the project along with it’s content is reflective of where Nesi is in his personal. ” 2018 was the worst year I’ve ever lived through and 2019 has easily been the best,” he tweeted. Overall, Nestalgic is the perfect personal piece reflective of Nesi and his journey through the music! In addition to introducing a new energy and overall wave of music, Nesi also showcases his individual range and variety in sounds. I’m definitely looking forward to diving deep into this project on a scheduled episode of #BennettKnowsRadio this Sunday, November 24th on Stationhead! Until then, catch this wave and check out Nesi’s ‘Nestalgic’ below!



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