Song Of The Day: Frank Ocean Returns With “DHL”

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After a nearly 3-year hiatus, Frank Ocean returns with a brand new song titled “DHL”. The last time we heard from Ocean was back in 2016 with the back-to-back albums Endless and Blonde. Since then, Ocean released a few tracks including “Chanel,” and “Biking” via Apple’s blonded RADIO. Despite finishing his fifth album at the end of 2017 and promising to release 5 albums before he turned 30, Frank’s dirty-thirty came and went without any projects. Fast forward a year, the “Novacane” singer debuts the original single at the end of his latest blonded RADIO on October 19th, 2019. “DHL” is a smooth power production that finds Frank exploring his sexuality through the metaphors related to the popular UK packaging company DHL. “Look at them shakes, uh-huh / Made up a dance (That I get) How come you shook? (From you) /  When I ain’t took out my hands / Beans, Starbucks, starstruck / Bitch comin’ soon / That’s ’cause you suck,” he croons. The track also marks a new era for the R&B as he hints at a new package, project or album.  “Niggas think it’s new, it ain’t new, boy / Old files just turned two, yeah it flew, yeah / Still sound like it’s comin’ soon, comin’ soon, yeah / Still sound like it’s comin’ soon, tell the truth, yeah,” he continues over the Boyz Noise production. At the bottom of the album art, there are 13 pictures printed in bold. The fourth one is selected, which might imply that this is track number 4 on his 13-track album. I really enjoy this track and appreciate it’s representation in my life. Yeah Frank Ocean is a gay man, but he’s also one of the most creative and mysterious artists of our time. In addition to exploring his love and sexuality, this marks the beginning of a new era, one that we all can agree is much overdue! What do you think? Check out Frank Ocean’s “DHL” below!

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