Olivia King Hones In On Experiences, Lessons and Accomplishments with Amazing Debut Album ‘D.I.Y.’ [Review]

Olivia King is a "boss babe, grinding and getting paid".

Back in 2013 when we launched #BennettKnowsRadio, we had the privilege to interview Rhode Island singer/artist Olivia King. Since then, we’ve watched her grow with projects like the EP I’m O.K, the urban street wear brand WYRD, the independent “SouledInAmerica” Tour and singles like “Lust You,” “Like We Were In Love,” and “KING”.  Throughout the process, the talented and motivated singer has showcased a work ethic and undeniable grind that continues to push her talents to the top! Whether it’s on social media where Olivia has developed a solid fan base with 77K followers, or with SONY in which the singer penned a solid single-release deal, or through a partnership with TikTok, Olivia King has proved a force to be reckoned with and guess what, she’s done it all by herself! In perfect timing, Olivia hones in on all her experiences, lessons and accomplishments with the release of her debut project D.I.Y and boy, was it worth the wait!

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews Olivia King [Watch]

D.I.Y. opens with the smooth self-titled track which sets the pace for the entire project. Over a hard-hitting production, Olivia King flexes her grind while showcasing those smooth and soulful vocals. On the next track, a fan favorite, Olivia has the “Last Laugh” over a bouncy, doo-wop reminiscent production. Before taking on the house genre with the playful “Fool,” King slows things down with “Peace” where she really showcases her soulful vocals with a smooth, heartfelt balled. At this point in the project, it’s clear that Olivia has found her pocket fusing pop and R&B sounds while flaunting her soulful voice. On the next track, Olivia waves her flag crooning “S.O.S.” over a bad boy before delivering another fan favorite titled “Balls”. The sassy female empowerment track will find you singing along with King, “you have no balls, no cojonos, no stones, no family jewels …” On the next track Olivia flexes up over another power production featuring  triumphant horns while warning a lover not to mess with her or her “Best Friend”. The following tracks, “Bum Bum” and “Where Did You Come From” are both playful tracks that continue to showcase Olivia’s R&B and pop fused sounds. D.I.Y. closes with a smooth balled titled “Goal-Digger” which finds Olivia reflecting on her journey while projecting the success in her future.

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D.I.Y. is an amazing project that emulates Olivia King’s journey as an artist while setting the pace for future success. The concepts surrounding the album go beyond a simple “do-it-yourself” project. Although Olivia stands alone with no features, 10-self written songs and 4-self productions, D.I.Y. is the prime example of an independent artist creating a space of their own. In addition to the development of the album, Olivia King also finds her pocket as a singer that successfully fuses pop, R&B and soul elements. Her vocals are smooth yet powerful alongside the sharp productions throughout the record. Of course the record comes with a handful of sassy, female-empowered tracks alongside others that set to inspire listeners. Overall, D.I.Y is the perfect debuted album and we couldn’t be any prouder of Miss Olivia King! What do you think? Stream Olivia King’s D.I.Y and sound off in the comments below!

Olivia King – “Peace”

Olivia King – D.I.Y

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