Iggy Azalea Misses The Mark With Follow-Up Album ‘In My Defense’ [Album Review]

Although 'In My Defense' isn't bad, Iggy Azalea definitely misses her mark!

It’s been a while since Iggy Azalea topped the charts with her debut album The New Classic back in 2014. The highly anticipated album came with a handful of hits like “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX, “Black Widow” featuring Rita Ora which put the Australian born native at the forefront of the music industry with the #1 and #2 hits in the USA. However, the slew of recognition, hits and overall spotlight came to a hault when Iggy met conversations surrounding cultural appropriation in hip-hop and endless celebrity feuds. After taking a break from music, a new and improved Iggy Azalea returned with a sophomore project titled Digital Distortion. Although singles like “TEAM” and “Savior” stuck, the femcee couldn’t pick up the ball and Digital Distortion was eventually scrapped. Looking for a new outlet, Iggy broke ties with Island Records and decided to go independent with a multi-million dollar deal through Empire, a huge step for such a massive yet controversial star. Last summer, Iggy gave us a taste of Independence with her mixtape Surviving The Summer. The release, reminiscent of her earlier work, came with the single “Kream” featuring Tyga and a little hope for the struggling artist. Fast forward another summer, Azalea finally returns with a brand new project titled In My Defense. How did she do?

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In My Defense opens up with a J White power production titled “Thanks I Get It” which sets the tone for the overall project. She reminds us of her massive success, her overall grind and on-going bank account to which Iggy assures she’s still collecting the bag, all while looking bad. On the next track, Iggy decides to “Clap Back” over another J White power production. Although she hits us with “Iggy tryna act black,” and reminds us her “ex is an ex for a reason,” we don’t really get any “clap backs” among the noise. After revisiting the projects controversial lead single “Sally Walker,” Iggy joins forces with Lil Yachty on “Hoemita” which unfortunately marks the beginning of the end of this project. Before turning up on another J White turn up titled “Spend It,” the Australian femcee feeds a guilty pressure with follow-up single “Started”. The next track “F**k It Up,” featuring Kash Doll comes with potential seeing the duo doing it for “the girls” over a club banging production. On the next couple of track, Iggy Azalea attempts to deliver some hard hitting track with “Big Bag” featuring Stini and “Commes Des Garcons,” but at this point the repetitiveness of the album hangs over listeners leaving them slightly confused with the albums direction. Before rapping up the album with two very similar productions titled “Just Wanna” and “P-ssy Pop”, Iggy teams up with Juicy J for a notable cut titled “Freak of The Week”. 

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Although In My Defense isn’t bad serving a solid amount of J White produced bangers to turn up the party, Iggy Azalea definitely misses her mark! While her return to those trap-esq sounds were refreshing, the content was surely missing. After what seemed like an eternity of controversy, scrapped projects and broken promises, it would have been nice if the Australian rapper gave us a little depth or some soul, especially with the project’s title being In My Defense. Although Iggy dabbles on the surface of the cultural appropriation conversation and slightly touches her very public break up with Nick Young and record label, she gives us more of the money-making, bad bitch persona that we’re already familiar with. When are we going to learn about that transition from Australia to Miami and the hustle it took to make it to the top of the charts? When are going to learn about Iggy’s perception of hip-hop culture and her perspective on the controversy surrounding her career? Maybe we’re not, or maybe this is just the beginning for this now independent artist. Although In My Defense received solid support from fans, it failed to top the charts debuting at #50 on the Billboard 200; word to the massive machine that pushed The New Classic to #1. “As long as I do better each time I try to acheive something, I keep on going. A mile a head would be great! But all I need is an inch forward for me to know I’m aiming in the right direction,” she tweeted in response to the numbers. What do you think I-G-G-Y should do next? Sound off in the comments below!

Iggy Azalea – “F**k It Up” ft. Kash Doll

Iggy Azalea – In My Defense



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