Tyler The Creator Takes Things To The Next Level with ‘IGOR’ [Album Review]

Tyler The Creator releases his most vulnerable album yet!

Back in 2017, Tyler The Creator had an eventful summer after he dropped his fourth studio album Flower Boy. The album was critically acclaimed for its accomplished sound and the vulnerability of the maturing Odd Futrue leader. Two years later, Tyler returns with a new project that takes his artistry to the next level. IGOR, released on May 17th, is a twelve track production created by the singer along with some heavy hitters. Through a developed storyline, we gain a full understanding of the rapper’s alter ego IGOR with all of his vulnerabilities and musicalities. If Flower Boy represented a new chapter for the GOBLIN rapper, IGOR takes Tyler The Creator to another level solidifying a spot in the music industry forever.  

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The album opens up with “IGOR’s Theme,” a daunting, power-production layered with drums and haunting vocals that set the pace for the melodic album. The projects lead single “Earfquake” captures the feel of the project with smooth vocals over a combination of cheery piano chords and heavy, distorted drums reminiscent of his previous albums. The collaboration with Playboi Carti finds Tyler crooning for a love that he needs. “You make my earfquake, oh, you make my earfquake,” he sings. On the following track “I Think,” Tyler expresses his feelings for his lover further pushing the themes of love over a booming production that combines bass, drums and a melodic feel. The next tracks,“What You Run From You End Up Chasing,” “Running Out Of Time,” and “New Magic Wand” takes us into the heart of this story. Following IGOR’s thoughts on the ups and downs in his relationship, we meet the catalyst, his lover’s ex-girlfriend on the later track. “ I need to get her out the picture / She’s really f-ckin’ up my frame / she’s not developed like we are,” he croons. On the next track, “A Boy Is A Gun,” Tyler takes us through his mind as he explores his relationship with this lover over a Kanye-esque production. The next tracks “Puppet” and “What’s Good,” two of the albums darker tracks finds Tyler rapping about moving on from the relationship over distorted synths and drums. “Niggas turning it up, well, shit, I’m tearing it down / Hard to believe in God when there ain’t no mirrors around,” he spits on “What’s Good”. On the next track “Gone, Gone / Thank You,” Tyler finds peace with his love lost thanking this person for all the good times over a light, melodic production. Of course, the healing process is difficult as Tyler portrays on the following track “I Don’t Love You Anymore”. IGOR appropriately closes with Pharrell Williams and Al Green collaboration titled “Are We Still Friends?,” which finds Tyler wrestling with the thought of remaining friends with his lover. 

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IGOR is an impressive, high-quality, feel-good album that everyone can find relatable. The project, a staple in the career of Tyler, both pushes the musical talent and creative the musician continues to showcase while further connecting and creating a space with fans through his most vulnerable piece. While each track serves its purpose adding a moment to the album and storyline, the love triangle Tyler finds himself in as it relates to love and relationships, is one that will playout throughout the summer and furthermore! Definitely looking forward to how this album evolves and makes its impact throughout summer 2019. IGOR debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with 165K sales in its first week! What’s your thoughts on Tyler’s IGOR? Sound off in the comments below! 

Favorite Tracks: “Earfquake,” “A Boy Is A Gun” & “What’s Good”

Tyler The Creator – “Earquake”

Tyler The Creator – IGOR

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