Jon Hope Talks Single “Realer,” Zayne Butler, Maintaining Success & More!

Jon Hope stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to talk about his brand new single “Realer”. The track finds the Providence native reflecting on his experiences amongst the current state of a fabricated society. “Maybe I’m wrong, nah f–k it I’m the truth though / Cause once momma told me, I never needed proof though / No one gave me the blueprint, the game is for retail / find pleasure in division, the pain is in the details,” he spits over a Myke Stallone production. After revisiting EP Work In Progress, Jon Hope will kick off the new era with the single. “This is 2020 Jon Hope. This is where we’re at. We’re in this time where we don’t know what’s real anymore, fake news, fake relationships, you just don’t know what is real,” he explains. In a world full of fabrication and instant gratification through media, it’s often difficult for creatives to find success. “Perception is reality. I’m sitting here trying to tell self, even if it comes with consequences, but the reward is so fulfilling. The reason why I’ve been doing this for long is because I never really confirmed. The real always takes longer. I’m not coming with that bubble gum sh-t. I’m not sacrificing nothing. I don’t have [colorful] hair. “Realer” is an appropriate track for those who are trying to find themselves,” he concluded.

#BennettKnowsRadio Talks ‘A Guy Named Harry’ with Jon Hope

While the single kicks off a new era, Hope promises he’s, “just getting the engine started”. Kicking things off with his creative company Zayne Butler, Jon Hope promises to continue delivering quality music that represents him. “Success is defined by the individual so my metric [isn’t] necessarily what everyone else’s is. I already won. My metrics are happiness and growth”. With each and every release, Hope proves successful through quality work that continues to evolve and push his artistry to new levels. “It’s all about those digestible goals,” he explained reflecting on being a speaker at the Hip Hop University event. “You have to define what your milestones are. I starded a campaign called Ifinity: we raised money, we had a goal and we did that. I put out my new single “Realer” … ultimately it will get to that Grammy and touring”.

In addition to making music, Hope also hopes to bring hip-hop into an educational space. “I relaunched my company, Zayne Butler. I’m excited about that. I’m trying to expand on my teaching as a professor by really trying to create the marriage between hip-hop and education. So, I started a nonprofit called the Hope Scholars Initiative which is basically trying to make hip-hop a viable part of student’s academic experience,” he explained. In addition to teaching, Hope also provides an exciting program Deeper Than Rap which finds communities dissecting albums like Meek Mill’s Championship and Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap. With so much going on, we can’t help but anticipate what’s next! As always, we’re looking forward to more from Jon Hope Experience – it’s always quality, always authentic and it always matters. Check out Jon Hope in “Realer” and sound off in the comments below!

Jon Hope – “Realer”



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