From PVD to MIA: All That Val Talks “No Hook,” Making Sacrifices and More Music

All That Val stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to discuss her brand new single “No Hook”. The track, finds a braggadocious Val spitting about her dreams and ambitions amongst the rich and lifestyle that surrounds Miami. “They don’t really want it / Stacks on me a hunnid / [sic] on me like water / my drip is Dasani,” she spits over a bouncy production. “Wake up every morning / thank the Lord I’m on it / if I want I get the foreign / if I don’t I stack some more,” she continues. The ambitious track sets the pace for an upcoming new era of hard work and success for the Providence, Rhode Island native. However, it hasn’t always been the glitz and glamour or the colorful turn-up that Val flaunts through Instagram. Back in 2016, she met controversy that surrounded her debut “BAD”.

All That Val Talks “Bad,” New Music, and PVD

“I think that the consistent work and the change of genre and finding my sound and confidence is making people believe,” Valerie explained. “BAD” is always gonna be my baby. I only recorded two or three songs before I did “BAD”. That was the earliest song and I put it out there, pushed it and it didn’t stick,” she explained. Through her transition from the creative capital of the country to the fiery Miami club scene, Val has honed in on self and in reflection, her craft. “The confidence is different and I’m being myself. People watch my [social media] all the time to see what I’m talking about and the fun things I do, I bring that into my music. The music now is who I am, “BAD” is who I was. “No Hook” is who I am … my personality is more translated. The more real you are with the people, the more they’re going to feel you,” she continued. “It’s just fact’s you can’t argue with it.”

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews All That Val


While the new single projects a new era for the Val, it’s only the beginning of a new chapter. “This is definitely the intro to what I have coming next so it’s just the intro to the new sound. There’s more music coming, more hits, more visuals and I’m excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on,” she teases. It’s so nice to see how this creatives ambition shines through her artistry in such an authentic way. After expressing the sacrifices made in order to achieve success, Valerie hopes to inspire herself and others.  “I want people to get in that mindset that they can get what they want if they work for it. All my songs have that feel, go get that money, go get that bag, go get that dream, you can’t sleep, you have to hustle and that’s what I’ve been doing and that’s what I translate in my music.”

All That Val – “No Hook”


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