New MV: Teyana Taylor Brings Ballroom Culture to Life In “WTP”

Teyana Taylor's "WTP" is an ode to the LGBT community.

Teyana Taylor released one of my favorite records of 2018. K.T.S.E. an acronym for Keep That Same Energy combined the R&B singers smooth, silky vocals and her edgy style over classic Kanye West touched productions. One of the album’s standout tracks “WTP,” featuring Mykki Blanco is an ode to the LGBTQ+ community finding the Bronx beauty flexing in the style of the music Ballroom culture. Ballroom culture was created as a safe place for “queer people of color”. In the early 90s, the underground community grew popular for their balls where participants “walk” for a prize. In the Cinderella-inspired video, Teyana plays a shy girl named Petunia that dreams of “working this p–sy” at the ball. While home doing the chores, “Fairy Cunt Motha” grants Petunia her dreams. “Save your tears, honey. You’re a motherf–kin’ diva.”

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Before teaming up with her husband Iman Shumpurt for another steamy, sex-packed scene, Teyana wins the hearts of queens across the country with eye-popping outfits delivering incredible vogue. “Some real next level. Looked like Grace Jones and Janet Jackson had a baby,” featured cameo Lena Waithe exclaims. Other features include “Love & Hip Hop’s” Milan Christopher and model Shaun Ross. The video matches the hype of the track perfectly bringing the LGBTQ+ community life. I love how Teyana brought the Harlem ballroom culture to life with the different outfits, dance moves, and lingo. Interestingly, you can feel the influence of ballroom culture and the LGBTQ+ community in many aspects of music and hip-hop in specifically! I would say that I’m looking forward to more from Teyana but this videos perfect for now! Check out Teyana Taylor’s “WTP” below!

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