New MV: Lil Wayne Pays Homage To XXXTentacion In “Don’t Cry”

Lil Wayne kicks off 2019 with visuals to "Don't Cry".

Lil Wayne is kicking off the year with some interesting visuals. Following the music video for “Uproar,” featuring Swizz Beats comes another developed visual for Tha Carter V cut “Don’t Cry”. “Don’t Cry” is a smooth track that finds an emotional Weezy reflecting on the difficult times in his life. “I sip from the Fountain of Youth / So if I die young, blame the juice / Bury me in New Orleans / Tombstone reads: “Don’t cry, stay tuned,” he raps over the emo-rock reminiscent production. “Bring me back to life / Got to lose a life just to have a life / But if heaven’s as good as advertised / I want a triple extension on my motherfuckin’ afterlife / Rest in paradise,” he continues. The track features a verse from the late XXXTentacion. “Don’t cryyyyyyyyyy / Won’t lie, I f–kin’ love you,” he spits on the chorus. Interestingly, XXX didn’t know that he would appear on the track with Lil Wayne because he recorded the track, along with many others, with producer Z3N before he passed in 2017. Later that year, Z3N would show the track to LunchMoney Lewis who eventually passed it to Wayne. “That was my big homie Mack’s idea. He came to New Orleans to do something for like a day or two, and he came back and said I have something I want you to hear. That was the first time hearing my mom on the song, so when he played that, then he played the song,” Wayne explained in an interview with Hot New Hip Hop.

Lil Wayne Successfully Completes With ‘Tha Carter V’ [Review]

In the music video to the track, Weezy assumes his position on the throne in a post-apocalyptic world in between shots of the late XXX. Tha Carter V proved successful in all its glory. Not only does Lil Wayne return to the scene like he never left but the level of truth that we received with this project makes it that much more influential. Although Lil Wayne stated that this would be his last album, he also denies retirement “I do think about retirement. I think about how I don’t think I ever will,” he told Billboard. If this is true, Tha Carter V serves as the perfect transition between the Lil Wayne we’ve known and a rap elder similar to Jay Z with 4:44. Either way, we’re extremely happy with Tha Carter V and the impact it will make for the year to come! Check out Lil Wayne in “Don’t Cry” featuring XXXTentacion below!


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