New MV: Ella Mai Has A Message For Her Lover In “Shot Clock”

Times ticking ...

Last week Ella Mai released the visuals to her current single “Shot Clock”. On the DJ Mustard production, Ella Mai finds herself telling a lover to keep up in a relationship. “Five years of dating, tired of being patient / What the fuck you’re waiting for? Oh, yeah / It’s a lot of niggas hating and I don’t entertain ’em / But damn, you gotta give me more,” she sings. “When that nigga pull up on me, tell that nigga back, back / Don’t you know all of these niggas wish that they could bag that?,” she continues on the chorus. In the Colin Terry produced video to the track, Ella flexes some serious fashion before warning her man “not to blink” or she’s gonna leave. In 2018 Ella Mai brought R&B to the forefront with her massive hit “Boo’ed Up”. “Shot Clock along with “Boo’ed Up” and “Watchamacallit” are all cuts off of Ella’s self-titled debut. We’re definitely looking forward to new music from the likes of Ella Mai, H.E.R., Daniel Ceasar and many others in 2019! Check out Ella Mai in “Shot Clock” below!

Ella Mai – “Shot Clock”


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