New MV: Ariana Grande Flexes With “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande flexes with 6 of her best friends!

Following a controversial, chart-topping year, Ariana Grande kicks off 2019 with a new feel titled “7 Rings”. On the track, Grande trades in her prior engagements to stunt with her best friends.“Me and my friends went to Tiffany’s together, just because we needed some retail therapy,” she told Billboard. “You know how when you’re waiting at Tiffany’s they give you lots of champagne? They got us very tipsy, so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring.” “Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch / Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage / Rather be tied up with gauze and not strings / Write my own checks like I write what I sing, yeah,” she croons over the TBH/Social House power-production. “I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it / I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it / You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it / I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yep)” she continues. In a video assisting the single, the pint-sized diva and her friends throw a neon-pink house party that gives off 2 Chainz trap-house vibes.

However, the track doesn’t come without controversy. Upon its release, fans and critics pointed out the songs’ similarities to Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag”. New York femcee Princess Nokia also pointed out the similarities to her song.“Do that sound familiar to you ’cause that sound really familiar to me. Oh my God!” she exclaimed in a post on Twitter. Ain’t that the little song I made about brown women and their hair? Hmmm… Sounds about white.” Could it be a coincidence or do we have another case of swagger jacking on our hands? Either way, Ari’s living her best life! “7 Rings,” along with “Imagine” and “Thank You, Next” are all cuts off of Grande’s forthcoming album! Always looking forward to more from Grande! Check out “7 Rings” below!

Ariana Grande – “7 Rings”


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