New MV: Nas – “Cops Shot The Kid”

Last year Nas returned to the scene with his eleventh studio album NASIR. The project met the hype with lyricism and real themes along with some modern-day Kanye West production. One of the stand-out tracks for me was “Cops Shot The Kid” which finds Nas and Kanye West trading verses about police brutality against African American youth. “The cop shot the kid, same old scene / Pour out a little liquor, champagne for pain / Slap-boxin’ in the street / Crack the hydrant in the heat,” Nas spits over the Slick Rick “Children Story” sample. “Cop cars on the creep / Doin’ they round-ups, we just watch for the sweep / Yeah, it’s hotter than July / It’s the summer when niggas die,” he continues.

What’s Next For Kanye West? 

In the Rohan Blair-Mangat music video, Nas delivers a few verses in between revealing shots of police brutality and a young man running from the cops. “Cops Shot The Kid” challenges the expectations of modern-day hip-hop while shining the light on the harsh reality men and women of color face stepping out into the world today. Now that’s hip-hop and one of the reasons we love Nas to this day! The video also features an appearance from Slick Rick! In addition to “Cops Shot The Kid” comes powerful visuals for NASIR cuts “Everything” and “Adam & Eve”. You can check out all three music videos below!

Nas – “Cops Shot The Kid”

Nas – ‘Adam & Eve” 

Nas – “Everything” 



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