ICYMI: Teyana Taylor Plugs In Wu-Tang For “Gonna Love Me (Remix)”

Teyana Taylor plugs in Wu-Tang for "Gonna Love Me (Remix)"

Teyana Taylor released one of the best R&B projects of 2018 with K.T.S.E. The Harlem-bombshell continues to keep the momentum going with the release of the “Gonna Love Me (Remix)”. Teyana plugs in Ghostface Killer, Method Man and Raekwon The Chef to remix the sentimental, Delfonics sampling production. “It’s been a while since I gave you my street vows / Promise to love you and hit it two times a day, never cheat now / Our chemistry is like a bowl of cherries / And I’m the chocolate I smother you, never to worry,” Ghostface spits. Method Man picks up where Ghostface leaves off serving a swag of his own. “I ain’t got time for tricks, them broads ain’t loyal / I get a Spanish chick, I make her arroz con pollo / Keep my woman fresh so she will never be spoiled (Nah!) / And she can be my queen but we will never be royals,” he continues. Raekwon closes the track with a hard-hitting verse of his own. “I waited like three years, now we here gettin’ licenses / I’m tired of the whole Jack and Jill sh-t, the real shit / Both of us comfortable now, so you don’t ever gotta build shit / Feed a nigga, laugh for hours” he closes. With such a vulnerable yet hard-hitting track it was only right Teyana plugged in the homies from Wu-Tang! Plus it’s just in time for Wu-Tang’s 25th Anniversary since the release of their debut album Entering The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)! Check out Teyana Taylor’s “Gonna Love Me (Remix) below!

Teyana Taylor – “Gonna Love Me (Remix)”

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