New Music: Lil Wayne Surprises Fans With Three New Songs!

"In This House" ft. Gucci Mane, "What About Me (Remix)" featuring Post Malone, and "Hasta La Vista"

After his special guest performances on Saturday Night Live, Lil Wayne surprises fans with three brand new tracks: “In This House,” “What About Me,” and “Hasta La Vista”. The first track, “In This House” featuring Gucci Mane, provides some real No Ceiling vibes. “Pick ’em with the AK-47 / Three-sixty-five, twenty-four seven / Percocet got a nigga’s nose sweaty / But all the ho sh-t still so smelly,” Weezy spits over an Angel “Onhel” Aponte production. The second track, “What About Me” serves as an extension of Tha Carter V track with a verse from Post Malone. “I ain’t never been no one to let it go / Never thought I’d see you leave me in the cold / Every time that you got mad / You would leave and come right back,” Malone croons. Finally “Hasta La Vista” serves as another turn-up, finding Weezy flexing about his rich and lavish lifestyle. “I like when I’m faded, I’m so innovative / Eatin’ p-ssy at my dinner table, I been gettin’ it catered / Get the yayo, got me spendin’ pesos, Benjamin tornado,” he spits. All the tracks serve as bonuses of his record-breaking Tha Carter V. The comeback album proved successful in all its glory. Not only did Lil Wayne return to the scene like he never left but the level of truth that we received with this project makes it that much more influential. You can check out my review of Tha Carter V here. Listen to bonus tracks “In This House” featuring Gucci Mane, “What About Me,” featuring Post Malone and “Hasta La Vista” below!

Lil Wayne – “In This House” featuring Gucci Mane

Lil Wayne – “What About Me (Remix) featuring Post Malone

Lil Wayne – “Hasta La Vista”


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