New MV: Jon Hope – “3rd Finger”

Jon Hope kicks off new era with "Third Finger".

After riding out with the Savage Beauty EP in 2017, Jon Hope kicks off a new era with brand new visuals to “Blood Streams 2” and “3rd Finger”. In “Blood Streams 2,” released one month ago, we find the Providence rapper reflecting in between symbolic shots throughout the beautiful capital city of Rhode Island. “Tell Cousin Stizz it’s a family affair/ pop champagne/ celebrate divine Providence / But watch for public silence and private compliments,” he spits. “Follow non-likers but high key believers / Digital pom poms, DM cheerleaders / You’ll be aight though! My shine is the light show / It’s amazing what I see when I choose to keep my eyes closed,” he continues.

BennettKnows Covers Jon Hope ‘Two Dollar Flo’

“”Blood Streams 2” transitions into the latter track “3rd Finger”. “Third finger got me feeling like / third finger got me feeling like / third finger on my black hand / third finger got me feeling like,” he chants with a frequent collaborator Buffy. The RedEye Movies produced video features a handful of symbolic shots including a young, black boy running out of a dark tunnel and Kanye West’s infamous TMZ rant on TV among a handful of others. The end of the video reads: ‘F*ck Oppression, F*ck Sexism, F*ck Clout Chasing, F*ck Brutality, F*ck Bigotry, F*ck Kanye’ – all topics I’m sure Hope will analyze on this upcoming project. Of course, Hope will continue to challenge expectations just as A Guy Named Harry successfully did upon its release back in 2016. However, this time around it looks like he will take things a little further challenging societies ideologies from his unique and artistic perspective. Definitely looking forward to a new project from Hope! He always gives us something to think about! Jon Hope’s sophomore album will be released in early 2019. Until then check out “3rd Finger” below!

Jon Hope – “Blood Streams 2”

Jon Hope – “Third Finger”


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