New MV: Gucci Mane – “Wake Up In The Sky” ft. Bruno Mars & Kodak Black

Gucci Mane gets fly with Bruno Mars and Kodak Black for "Wake Up In The Sky".

After topping the charts with his major release Mr. Davis, Gucci Mane keeps the momentum with “Wake Up In the Sky” featuring Bruno Mars and Kodak Black. The current hit explores the overall theme of getting high. “I drink ’til I’m drunk, smoke ’til I’m high / Castle on the hill, wake up in the sky / You can’t tell me I ain’t fly, You know I’m super fly,” Bruno croons on the hook. In the video, the trio brings the single to life delivering a glamorous, 70s-inspired performance. “I stay fresh as hell, take a pic, I might as well, hell / Drop the top and take a selfie, my car drives itself / I got white girls blushin’, homie, college girls rushin’ on me ,” Gucci continues as he charms his female fans in the crowd. The track wouldn’t be the same without Kodak Black who adds some swagger of his own. “Mine so fly, don’t need no flight attendant / Big Cuban link, don’t need no pendant / I ain’t never had no pot to piss in, yeah / Now all my records trendin’,” he continues. “Wake Up In The Sky,” along with “Solitaire” featuring Migos and Lil Yachty, serves as the lead singles off of Gucci’s forthcoming thirteenth album Evil Genius. It’s hard to believe how long Gucci has been releasing music! The anticipated album is due for release December 7th! Until then, get high with Gucci, Bruno, and Kodak on “Wake Up In The Sky” below!

Gucci Mane – “Wake Up In The Sky” ft. Bruno Mars


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