ICYMI: Code Green – “Capisce” [Watch]

Code Green Takes Us To The Twilight Zone In "Capisce".

ICYMI: LA based hip-hop trio Code Green released a video to their single “Capisce”. ” -used to ask if a message, warning, etc., has been understood. Italian,” the group tweeted. On the track, a confident Code Green flexes over a smooth Overdos production. “We gone keep it brief / understand capisce / no more hide and seek,” Nesi croons. “All of my dogs they gotta eat / talking in CODE, like CAPISCE / You get knocked off, think sh-t sweet / talking in CODE like CAPISCE,” he continues on the chorus. “I’m the type to pull up on your wedding day / f-ck your bitch right before you say your vows,” ER spits on his verse. In the AVR directed video, the trio takes us to the Twilight Zone as they explore a beautiful LA mansion. “Capisce” serves as the first taste of CG2. However, the group have released a handful of feels including “With Ease,” featuring Lily Rayne and “On The Low” featuring Khary.  After delivering “trippy” and psychedelic feels with 7 Day Trip we’re looking forward to where the trio will take us next! Check out Code Green in “Capisce” below!

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