New Music: Iggy Azalea – “Savior” ft. Quavo

Iggy finds a "Savior" within herself in new video.

Last month, Iggy Azalea returned to the scene with a brand new single titled “Savior”. On the track, the Australian femcee faces her demons as she attempts to make her long-awaited comeback. “I feel like God playin’ tricks on me, got a fix on me / Feel the weight of the world like I got a brick on me,” she spits. “Had a dance with the devil and he got a grip on me / I’m just tryna get to heaven, hope you got a ticket for me,” she continues over the island-fused, Cirkut & Manhun Grow power production. The track features unexpected smooth vocals from Migos frontman Quavo. “I’ve been looking for a savior, a savior / I’ve been looking for a real one to hold on to,” he croons on the hook.

Iggy Azalea Recruits Quavo for “Savior”

In the video to the track, Iggy finds looks for her for of savior amongst a neon-lit Cathedral. By the end of the video, she rises from the darkness discovering the savior within herself. “I’ve never really been this honest about the things I was struggling with. I always try to be really tough, especially for women,” Iggy explained upon its release. “It’s not a record about needing a man or a woman coming to save you in a relationship. It’s about you being your own savior and finding the strength to figure it the f–k out,” she continued. “Savior” serves as the first single off of Iggy’s forthcoming sophomore effort Surviving The Summer. The album arrives after scrapping an entire album and a very public break-up with ex-fiance Nick Young. While the track provides sounds that will give Iggy mainstream success, I believe that she’ll regain public support with another track in the near future. Check out Iggy in “Savior” below!

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