Artist Spolight: Khary – “Cursed” & “WiFi”

Khary releases two Captain singles - "Cursed" and "WiFi"

In case you missed it: Khary released two more bangers titled “Cursed” and “WiFi”. “Cursed” finds the PVD rapper explores a relationship he can’t say no to. “I think I’m cursed because I want to stay / in that same place I pushed you away / you see the darkness won’t forget me,” he spits before delivering a few verses. On the second track, my favorite of the two, Khary delivers a few more witty bars while stunting on the “SoundCloud” rappers. “Life is so alive, I’m like why drive slow / I optimize all the dice I roll / I’m just tryna stay connected like the wifi code,”. By the sound of these tracks, Khary’s forthcoming project Captain is gonna be another hitter. One of my favorite things about Khary is his unique artistry so I’m always looking forward to what’s next. If you’re in California this weekend, you can catch the Captain at three different shows! Check out Khary’s “Cursed” and “WiFi” below!

Khary – “Cursed”

Khary – “WiFi” 


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