Album Review: Nipsey Hussle – ‘Victory Lap’

Nipsey Hussle makes his debut with 'Victory Lap'.

While some of us are eagerly anticipating every new PewDiePie video, others are looking for great websites where they could date a cowboy, and then there are those who are greeting Nipsey Hussle’s debut studio album with open arms.It has been a long wait for his first album with a lot of postponing along the way, but was it really worth it? Let’s take a look at some of the singles featured on this album and try to figure out whether “Victory Lap” should have stayed in the studio just a bit longer or is it exactly what Nipsey needed right now.

The Long-Awaited

If we were being honest here, perhaps we have all waited a bit too long for Nipsey Hussle’s debut album. The Westcoast rapper has been announcing it ever since 2012, while moving its release date from 2013 to 2014, 2016 and finally 2018.In the meantime, Nipsey was busy making a name for himself and earning those greenbacks via his famous mixtapes, which he sold at $100 a piece at one point, which ultimately made him gross out at $100,000. Yet, since he made everyone wait 6 full years for an album, it’s absolutely normal that the expectations are as high as they could ever be – which means Nipsey has to reach a pretty high bar. The opening of the album feels pretty epic, with the G-funk rapper resonating and booming over the track, giving the listener a feeling of awe. Beginning the album with the title track is a pretty bold move, since it can ruin the whole album if it’s done wrong. Nipsey, however, manages to deliver perfectly here, with excellent timing and perfect conceptual planning. The message is clear: “I’m finna take it there, this time around I’ma make it clear/Spoke some things into the universe and they appeared.” Apparently, there are bigger forces at work here, which means we’re in for a hell of a ride.

Is the Whole Crew Here?

Aside from Nipsey’s amazing delivery on the album, there are a plethora of other artists that are featured on the tracks as a way to help boost the songs themselves as well as their sales. YG, Kendrick Lamar, Puff Daddy and Cee-Lo Green all contribute toward attracting attention, but also as a way for Nipsey to show that he can stand his ground on a track against talents such as these. In an interview for Beats1 Radio, Nipsey admitted: “One of my producers, by the name of Axl Folie, he just snuck the record to Kendrick. I told my whole team send the one that I thought he should be on, and they just didn’t listen.” One of the best pieces on Victory Lap that features Nispey Hussle in a solo performance is definitely “Hussle & Motivate,” which borrows the sample from Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life.” The rapper openly compares himself to the music mogul that is Jay-Z on this track – and it seems to us that it’s completely justified.

Nipsey Hussle – “Last Time I Checc’d” ft. YG

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