50 Cent Vs Ja Rule: What’s The Beef?

Ja Rule and 50 Cent reignite 19-year feud!

What's The Beef_While some people are doing their best to get as much education as possible, some dedicate their lives to sport, some browse the internet while trying to meet people online and some do none of that but instead search for happiness in remote places and extreme activities, there are a few of them that prevail as the greatest rappers that ever lived – and in this case, two of them are in a 19-year-long feud. Yes, we are indeed talking about 50 Cent and Ja Rule. The two legendary artists from Queens both made a name for themselves thanks to rap music (and a couple of movie roles), but what makes them interesting in relation to each other is the most famous rapper beef ever. In that regards, let’s take a look at how it started, what happened along the way and what reignited it just a couple of days ago.

It All Started with a Chain

The infamous beef between Curtis James Jackson III, a.k.a. 50 Cent and Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, a.k.a. Ja Rule began back in 1999 when Rule was held at gunpoint and robbed of his chain necklace. It would all be “flowers and sunshine” if 50 Cent wasn’t seen hanging out with the alleged culprit a couple of weeks later by Atkins, which sparked the feud between the two rappers. Later that same year, 50 releases a single from his debut studio album “Power of the Dollar” called “Life’s on the Line,” which was obviously written to diss Ja Rule and his record company, Murder Inc. The song wasn’t a chart-topper, but it was surely noticed by Atkins. Soon after the song’s release, the two rappers bumped heads in an Atlanta club where they were both booked to perform – it began with a heated argument that leads into a fistfight, which ultimately resulted in Ja Rule dropping his necklace and one of 50’s guys picking it up after the altercation.In March 2000, 50 Cent and Ja Rule met again at the Hit Factory studios along with their crews – but this time, the altercation led to Jackson getting stabbed and Ja Rule and a couple of his guys getting arrested. A couple of diss tracks later, Violator Records, which handled 50 Cent, got shot up by an unknown shooter, which signified that the beef between the two rappers has officially gone too far.

Taking it to the Tracks

The feud simmered down a bit once the two rappers began dishing out singles and albums that revolved around calling each other out. The fight took place on Twitter as well at some point, but ultimately, Ja Rule admitted that Murder Inc. lost the war to G-Unit in a 2013 interview for a plethora of reasons, with a federal investigation into the label being one of them. Since then, sparks have flown here and there on social media, but it wasn’t until this Monday that Ja Rule wrote a series of Tweets in which he mentions 50 Cent in more than one way. Is the feud still actually going on or is this a desperate attempt by a once-successful rapper at getting back in the spotlight? Only time will tell! 

50 Cent Talks Ja Rule Beef on Big Boy In The Morning 


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