New MV: Remy Ma – “Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)” ft. Chris Brown

Remy Ma puts on for #BlackGirlMagic with Chris Brown in "Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown)".

After teaming up with Lil Kim for “Wake Me Up,” Remy Ma follows-up with her new single “Melanin Magic”. The track, featuring Chris Brown, finds the Bronx rapper promoting self-love as it relates to your skin and the body you’re in. “I got that up north glow, body lookin’ like cinnamon / I’m runnin’ shit right now, I think I pulled a ligament / Fashion killa, Alaïa assassin / Vetements villain, Balenciaga bastard,” she spits over the Dallas Austin production. “I got that melanin magic, brown skin poppin!” Melanin, if you aren’t familiar, is the dark brown/black pigment found in the hair and skin of humans and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight. In a time when we’re constantly reminded of racial discrimination and divide, it’s important that we celebrate the skin we’re in.

“I just wanted to make something that, you know, let people know you’re beautiful, you’re pretty. You can be brown, dark skin, light skin. None of that is what makes you pretty. It’s what’s on the inside,” Remy explained in a video on Instagram. In the video to the track, Remy and Breezy team up to deliver some stunning visuals. Keep your eyes out for a cameo by Grammy-nominated rapper Rhapsody! “Melanin Magic” is the second single off of Remy Ma’s forthcoming album 7 Winters 6 Summers. Based on the sound of the first two albums, Remy will be delivering that hard-hitting, city sound with this one! Always looking forward to more from Remy! 7 Winters 6 Summers is due for release late this year! Check out “Melanin Magic” featuring Chris Brown below!


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