New MV: Drake’s “God’s Plan” Sparks Positivity Across The Internet

Drake's "God's Plan" Sparks Positivity Across The Internet

Last week Drake “broke the internet” when he released the visuals to his current hit “God’s Plan”. The video, quite opposite to the track itself, finds Drizzy and his team redistributing a one million dollar budget amongst those in need. In one scene Drake buys an entire store (and it’s customers) groceries, in another, Drake gives thousands of dollars to a struggling family. At first, I thought the concept was ridiculous. 6-minutes of Drake praising himself for doing something for the community of Miami. I was always taught that you do a favor for someone without expecting to get something back. However, the response to Drake’s 6-minute promotion was filled with positivity and happiness. “Gods Plan video got me teary-eyed,” one person responded. Drake even launched the #GodsPlanKindnessChallenge asking fans to do something nice for someone. Although I think Drake’s “God’s Plan” is an arrogant stunt to boost his own superstar ego, the impact it has on fans and critics is undeniable! Now if we can only promote this type of positivity every day, this world would be a better place! Between “God’s Plan” and his other Scary Hours EP track “Diplomatic Immunity”, Drake may have one of his most prominent projects in store for 2018. Always looking forward to what’s next! Check out Drake in “God’s Plan” below!


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