ICYMI: Kehlani Follows-Up With “Again”

In case you missed it: Kehlani returned to the scene with another smooth and soulful track titled “Again”. On the vulnerable track, the Bay area singer expresses her love for a companion after a break-up. “But then there was the blood from your heart on my hands again / Though I swore I washed it off in the waves,” she croons on the chorus. “And I wish I was sorry, damn I wish I was sorry / That I don’t know how to stay away, stay away,” she continues over the Geoffro production. “Again” follows tracks like “Honey,” “Touch,” and “Already Won”. Although there hasn’t been much talk on her follow-up to 2016’s Sweet Sexy Savage, it would be safe to say the soulful singer will be releasing new music in 2018! Are you looking forward to new sounds from Kehlani? Check out “Again” below!


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