Cardi B Fills In For Alexa In Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial


Okerrrrrrr! Cardi B continues to shine in 2018! This time around, Cardi teams up with Amazon for a hilarious new commercial for this weekend’s Super Bowl. In the ad, the current voice of the popular Alexa device loses her voice asking for celebrities like Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Chef Gorden Ramsey to fill in. In one scene, a teenager asks Alexa how far is Mars. “Well, how am I suppose to know? I’ve never been there,” she hilariously responds. “This guy wants to go to Mars! For what? There’s not even oxygen there,” she jokes as the teenager looks in confusion. In another scene, a user asks Alexa to play country music. Instead of meeting the request, “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” plays despite the user’s unsatisfaction. It’s awesome to see Cardi B take advantage of her household name. Cardi B’s debut album is due for release later this year. You can catch the commercial in its entirety during the fourth quarter of this weekend’s Super Bowl! Check out the teaser below!

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