New MV: Code Green – “Luv & Vibe”

Feel the luv and vibe, everywhere we go!

After kicking off a new era with “Capisce,” Code Green revisits the past with visuals to 7 Day Trip cut “Luv & Vibe” “Luv & Vibe” is an upbeat track that finds Code Green delivering the feels. “Okay let’s finish this, this times limitless / I know you ain’t heard it in a minute, miss / so you should already know what the business is,” Bruce spits over a bumping NYQUILL production. “I know you feel it from a distance / I’m tryna give to you like I’m tryin’ to raise an infant / been on the grind for a minute / now it’s time to get lit, I just hope I have your interest,” he continues. In the ARX directed visual, we follow a girl caught up in a virtual relationship before she attends a party thrown by the trio. Although the video leaves us questioning the underlying storyline, we’re assured that we’ll find out more in a potential follow-up video. Definitely, like where this is going! In addition to the dope visuals comes new music from Code Green in 2018! Check out Code Green in “Luv & Vibe” below!


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