New Music: Khary Returns With A Smooth “4AM Thirst Ballad”

Khary follows-up with "4AM Thirst Ballad"

Khary returns to the scene with “4AM Thirst Ballad”. The smooth single, a sequel to intern aquarium‘s “2AM Thirst Ballad”, finds Khary taking an alternative to the prior tune. “You only want me cause that liquor / only call me when your drunk / why do I always got to pick up / give you everything you want, anything you want,” he spits over a melodic production. I really like the alternate perspective Khary took on this one! Plus that introduction, provided by producer, Cloud Atrium is smooth too! “4AM Thirst Ballad” is Khary’s first release of the year. By the sound of this track, we’re definitely looking forward to more music leading up to the the release of his forthcoming project Captain. If you’re in Providence, you can catch the Captain at AS220 on February, Rhode Island on February 16th! Until then, check out Khary’s “4AM Thirst Ballad” below!



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