New Music: Code Green Returns With “Capisce”

Code Green Returns With New Single "Capisce"

Two years after releasing their highly acclaimed 7 Day Trip EP, LA based hip-hop trio Code Green returns to the scene with a new vibe titled “Capisce”. ” -used to ask if a message, warning, etc., has been understood. Italian,” the group tweeted. “We got you,” they continued. On the track, a confident Code Green flexes over a smooth Overdos production. “We gone keep it brief / understand capisce / no more hide and seek,” Nesi croons. “All of my dogs they gotta eat / talking in CODE, like CAPISCE / You get knocked off, think sh-t sweet / talking in CODE like CAPISCE,” he continues on the chorus. “I’m the type to pull up on your wedding day / f-ck your bitch right before you say your vows,” ER spits on his verse. “Capisce” serves as the first release of the year for Code Green. After delivering “trippy” and psychedelic feels with 7 Day Trip we’re looking forward to where the trio will take us next! Check out Code Green’s “Capisce” below!

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