Five Years Ago Today: A$AP Rocky Releases ‘Long. Live. A$AP’

A$AP Rocky makes his debut with 'Long. Live. A$AP'

Embed from Getty Images

Five years ago today, A$AP Rocky released his debut album Long. Live. A$AP. The critically acclaimed project lead the Harlem rapper on a path towards international success. Back in 2011, the Mob leader gained a following after his breakout mixtape ‘Live. Long. ASAP’. After building popularity with tracks like “Pesos” and “Purple Swag,” Rocky released his debut record under RCA Records. Upon it’s arrival the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 selling 139K copies in it’s first week. Long Live A$AP was well received due to its distinct sound, which included elements of house-trap mixed and hip-hop, along with the rappers distinct sound off his mixtape. The album spawned hits like “Goldie,” one of 2013’s best songs and collaborations on “F-cking Problem” featuring Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, the Skrillex-assisted “Wild for The Night” and “Fashion Killa”. Among the hits came smooth cuts like “PMW (All I Really Need)” featuring Schoolboy Q and Phoenix. Overall, Long Live A$AP was a remarkable project in it’s time and still stands as a hard-hitting album five years later. Personally the album served as soundtrack to my life on a handful of occasions. Whether it were reciting Drake’s “F-cking Problem” verse in undergrad or raging to “Wild For The Night” during Sasquatch Music Festival, A$AP still gets play in my book! Today A$AP Rocky continues to dominate in music, but he leads a successful career in fashion. We’re currently waiting for the follow-up sophomore success At Last Live A$AP. Until then check out A$AP Rocky’s ‘Long. Live. A$AP’ below!



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