Pop Music: Troy Sivan – “My My My”

Troy Sivan goes all out for "My, My, My".

Troy Sivan returns to the scene with an exciting single titled “My, My, My”. On the track, the Australian pop singer expresses his excitement and apprehension of a new found love. The lyrics follow themes that explore freedom and sexuality. “Shine on, diamond / Don’t make me wait another day / ‘Cause passion is passion /You know it just as well as me,” he croons on the first verse. “Oh my, my, my / I die every night with you / Oh my, my, my / Living for your every move,” he continues on the chorus. In the flashy video to the track, Sivan dances throughout a warehouse. The video is exuberant of confidence and unapologetic flamboyance. Back when Troy Sivan debuted back in 2012 with Blue Neighborhood, he became a face for the LGBT community. “I’ve realized how, in being a loud voice for myself, there are other people like me who will see that and appreciate it. All I’ve ever wanted growing up was someone I could look at and say, ‘Oh, that person’s like me.’,” he explained. Troy Sivan’s sophomore album is due for release later this year. Check out Troy Sivan’s “My, My, My” below!


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