ICYMI: Black Eyed Peas Slam Racist Policy With “Street Livin”

We have the power to make change together.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the legendary Black Eyed Peas. Back in 2010, the group made waves with hits like “The Time (Dirty Bit)” and “Can’t Stop The Party” off of The Beginning. Seven years later, the group returns (without Fergie) with a new single titled “Street Livin’. On the track, the band addresses racial and economic injustices. “Street livin’, caught in the trap / Guns or books, sell crack or rap / Be like kings or be like pawns / They called us coons, now they call us cons,” Will.I.Am. spits on the first verse. “Street livin’, tough conditions / Brainwashed by the television / We lost in the war we live in /Double cross love lost no religion,” Apl continues on the second verse. “Street livin’, what’s your position / You can take action or take a d-ck and listen / You can get f-cked by the system / Or you can say “f-ck the system,” Taboo concludes on the final verse. In the powerful video, we witness powerful images showcasing systematic injustices in our county. “Street Livin” marks the Black Eyed Peas departure from electro-pop with a return to hip-hop. I’ve always loved the Black Eyed Peas -they make good music with meaning and that’s exactly what we need right now! While Fergie takes a hiatus to promote her solo-effort Double Dutchess, The Black Eyed Peas gear up for their forthcoming album. Check out Black Eyed Peas “Street Livin” below!  


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