Cardi B Talks New Album, Making Love Songs, Haters and More!

From love songs to haters, Cardi B's debut album will have it all!

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Earlier this week, Cardi B stopped by Beats 1 to sit down with Julie Adenuga to discuss life after “Bodak Yellow”. Since her debut, Cardi B has broken numerous records like becoming the first rap act and third act of all time to have their first three singles simultaneously on the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100. Talk about money moves! “[The most expensive thing I bought] has to be my Bentley truck … I’m rapping about that too,” she expressed. “[For] somebody that took the train all their life, to have a car is like a big thing but to have a luxury car is like of, sometimes I look at my car and can’t believe I bought it,” she continued. Red bottoms and luxury cars aren’t the only things the 25-year old rapper is going to rap about. “You gonna hear about Fashion Nova and your gonna hear about Steve Madden. You want to know something, not everyone can afford bloody shoes … I want women that can’t afford these things to be fashionable too,” she continued.

Cardi B Makes Billboard History

Cardi also spoke on her love for family. “Family is actually my peace of mind. I love my family,” she explained. Relationships are another topic that will be explored on the forthcoming album. Cardi also shares her experience in the studio making love songs. “Yesterday I did a love song and while I was doing the verse I just kept thinking a couple months back when me and [Offset] wasn’t on good terms and I was getting really pissed off, really emotional but then I thought, ‘ who cares,  I got a ring,” she teased. “So I can really make a song about hurt, cause I’ve been hurt by a lot of men,” she continued. When it comes to the haters? “I’m always gonna talk about them because I hate them. My career wasn’t given to me. People think Atlantic just signed me because I was popular. No! It’s because I had mixtapes and they sold a lot.” Cardi also discusses social media, insecurities and much more! Cardi B’s highly anticipated debut album is due for release later this year! You can check out her full interview with Julie Adenuga below!


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