New Music: Wale Remixes SZA’s “The Weekend”

Wale takes on SZA's controversial "The Weekend".

Embed from Getty Images

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Wale! Today the D.C. rapper released the remix to SZA’s hit “The Weekend”. On the track, Wale wisely takes on the male’s perspective on SZA’s controversial song. “Look, I’m sorry we got us a lil’ problem / Monogamy not for the weak hearted / Told her I’d give her the universe and it hurts / ‘Cause I opened up, then I got Steve Harvey’d / Hold up, ever had the right love at the wrong time,” he spits. “Or maybe I’m just selfish, got / Ol’ lady comin’ on Monday / Her crazy ass is back Wednesday / Tuesday’s for me to rest / Thursday I’m with she, again / Friday I’m with she, and yeah / Saturday I gotta leave her fast because I need it passionately,” he continues. Back when the song was released, SZA caught a lot of slack for  what was dubbed the “hoe anthem”. However, Wale takes on the track realistically with an open mind and open heart. “Maybe cheaters is sociopaths / Maybe we be cheatin’, we ain’t heal from a ho in the past / Or maybe I’m a ho and I can show you this hole in my heart / I eat your liquid gold and go home to Golden Corral, you don’t know,” he concludes on the verse. Wale has been under the radar for some time now. However with this verse I’m hoping 2018 will bring new music from the rapper! Check out Wale on “The Weekend (Remix)” below!


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